Incubator Application Winter 2017
we are seeking for-profit PeaceTech startups. The application form includes 5 sections to learn about the team, founders and startup's stage of development.
Peace Technology is a subcategory of Persuasive Technology, which is technology that changes human behavior. Specifically, PeaceTech is mediating technology. It measurably increases specific positive engagement behavior, between two different groups, across some difference boundary. Targeted groups can be specific or general. For example, an app that primarily increases fair trade between Budhists and Muslims, focused on bridging that particular religious difference boundary, is quite specific. By contrast, a more general app like Uber, by measurably increasing positive engagement between broader groups like riders and passengers, simultaneously increases positive engagement across many difference boundaries, including age, gender, culture, language, and many more.  
For this ten-week cohort, we are prioritizing PeaceTech that primarily bridges the gender difference boundary, specifically between the group identities of women and men.  So:
a.  How will your technology measurably increase positive engagement between men and women?
In this program, we prioritize PeaceTech that increases new economic activity between groups, to create mutual benefit, in excess of the cost of engagement, for both groups.  We prioritize these high engagement quality technologies because they provide a path to sustainable and even scalable peace, in ways that other levels of positive engagement (while also vital) do not.
b.  How will your technology create new, mutually beneficial economic relationships between men and women, that exceed the costs and risks of engagement for both parties?
c.  How will your technology sustain those activities? 
d.  How will you scale those activities?
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